Product photographer

I provide professional photography services for Wildberries, Ozon or your online store.

If you organize an online store, then high-quality professional shooting of the product is necessary as air, high-quality and beautiful presentation of the product increases sales by 40-60% compared to photos taken by non-professionals or, even worse, on the phone (Yes, it happens).

Subject shooting is ideal for those who want to make a spectacular product catalog or magazine that will increase sales due to high-quality photos of items.

An effective catalog is what the customer pays attention to first, so it is extremely important that the products presented look expensive.





  • 1-50 products- 1,5$/photo
  • 51-100 products- 1,4$/photo
  • 101-500 products- 1,3$/photo
  • 501-1000 products- 1,2$/photo
  • 1001-1999 products- 1,1$/photo
  • From 2000 products – 1$/photo


  • Clipping (erase from background) – 1,2$
  • Change photo name (for example the catalog number) – 2с.

All the shooting I do is on my own equipment, my own background, and use my own lighting devices.

Order completion time after shooting: 2-3 days

A workflow

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