My name is Valery Sysoev. I provide professional photography services in Avsallar and throughout Turkey, as well as in other cities of our Europe. Photography is my hobby and my job. The main indicator of my work is satisfied customers. The latest equipment, high-quality images-all this is important, but secondary. Emotion is always primary. I don’t just provide the services of a photographer, I capture an emotion, a moment that will stay with you forever. A cool frame – it’s glowing eyes, sincere smiles and genuine feelings. When you think you can see the portrait breathing, smell the smoke from the fire, when you look at the endless horizon, turning into the starry sky.


What can I say about my experience? I was reminded of the words of the photography virtuoso Henri Cartier-Bresson that the first 10,000 images are the worst in a photographer’s career.

I’ve already taken my worst pictures. They gave me practice, I got the flair of a professional photographer, a sense of the frame, and now I am ready to share this with the residents and guests of Alanya.

“Attention! Cheeze!” This phrase is hopelessly outdated. But at the dawn of photography, it was very relevant. Then patience and work were required not only from the photographer, but also from the model.

In order for the picture to be uncoiled, you had to sit for a long time without moving or blinking. It was especially difficult for children. That’s when photographers came up with this joke to attract the attention of children’s eyes to the lens. By the way, before a group picture of children was considered aerobatics in photography.

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Today everything has changed. The photo process gives pleasure to all participants, and children’s photo sessions have become fashionable. You don’t have to be a professional model to be natural, not ridiculous or far-fetched in the frame. This is the skill of a real photographer. The result and mood largely depend on his experience. I can prove it to you.

A professional photographer knows the secrets of effective poses, can explain, show, make you laugh. But the most important thing is that he can not just look, but see the moments that need to be captured. And then, taking out the album after a while, you will smile in response to your luxurious smile, again immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a hen party (or did you have a bachelor party?), transfer to family gatherings or return to your childhood.

A professional photographer’s portfolio is the only way to show what they can do. My photo range is very wide. I work with professional lighting at all events in Halle and Alanya, including family and wedding celebrations. At your choice, we can organize a photo shoot in any style (portrait, retro, Fashion, Nude, fantasy, military, etc.) and any place in Alanya and its surroundings.

Contact me and I will tell you more about my services and the cost of work.

Call or write if you are planning a wedding, celebration or children’s birthday in Alanya.

You can simply choose the shooting format, fill out the online form on the site and leave your contact information. I’ll contact you myself.

I work in Alanya and Turkey, but I am always ready to make an exception.