My photo GEAR

Every photographer who respects himself and his work should have his own Arsenal of techniques and be well versed in it. I love my work very much and try to never stand still and be in constant development, both in terms of knowledge and in terms of acquiring/improving technical devices.

Below I have prepared a list of devices and equipment that I currently have


Canon EOS 5D mark III

Full frame professional camera

Canon EOS 5D mark II

Use like second and reserve camera


Sigma 35mm 1.4 art

Must have every photographer

Super-bright wide-angle lens, suitable for shooting almost any event

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L USM

Light strong tele lens

It allows you to take pictures at a long distance, portraits with a strong background blur, and is also ideal for sports shooting

Canon 17-40mm f/4L

Must have wide angle lens

This lens allows you to make General plans when shooting events to emphasize the full scale. Also ideal for landscape photography.


Almost none of my photo sessions goes without additional light. In this direction, I try to constantly develop, because the light is the head of every shooting.

So, what we have:

4 Flashlights Yongnuo 560 iii

There aren’t many flashes. The more, the more control over the shooting. Not everywhere there is a good light, where everything always turns out perfectly in the pictures. Where the light is “no”, dim, strobe or lighting lamps have different color temperatures, comes to the aid of flash light, which will help you highlight everything you need with the same color temperature. This will help avoid purple faces and other obscenities inherent in Amateur shooting.

Synchronizer Yongnuo YN560TX

To remotely sync flashes with the camera’s shutter, there is such a thing as a synchronizer. This synch provides full control and control over the flashes, which eliminates the need to manually configure them

Photo lantern

The photo lantern gives a constant level light with beam and power adjustment. It allows you to get interesting images that are difficult or impossible to make using flash.

4 stands manfrotto (3m)

Quite powerful racks that allow you to carry a light diffuser on its three legs (an octobox, softbox, portrait plate or umbrella, and in addition a light monoblock or flash. The length is enough to set at almost any height that is necessary for a particular shooting.

2 light stands (2m)

These racks are extremely compact and can only carry an umbrella with a flash on their thin legs, and the rest is at your own risk)

Octagon softbox Godox 120sm

The most remarkable octobox, it is large and allows you to highlight the model or object very evenly, drawing a very soft black and white pattern. It’s not even enough for a small group of people or a fairly large object. Sometimes I use it as a filling light source.

Softbox Godox 35х160 with gridm

In contrast to the round octobox and softbox, the strip box allows you to evenly highlight the model when shooting growth.

Softbox Godox 80sm

The lightweight and compact quick-release softbox almost always keeps me company due to its amazing compactness. It performs the same functions as the 120, but is less profitable for highlighting the entire person, more for portrait photos. Sometimes I use it as a drawing light. He also does a great job in club shooting.

Beauty dish Godox 42sm

The Beauty dish directs the drawing light exactly where it is needed. Well-drawn pattern of light and shadow.

Reflector Godox with grid 18sm (2 pcs)

Рефлектор позволяет пустить узкий пучок света, что позволяет подсветить отдельные элементы в обход основного света.

Softbox Godox 30sm

Самый маленький софтбокс, который может влезть даже в карман, ну только в сложенном состоянии и очень большой карман. Иногда использую его для контровой подсветки, чаще портретов. Для предметной съемки небольших объектов будет очень удобен.

2 Translucent Umbrella (83mm)

Umbrellas, in comparison with softboxes, which direct the light only in the desired direction, have a slightly different direction of light. The umbrella in the photo Department works as a photosphere, shines in all directions, the light when passing through the umbrella turns out to be softer than on a naked flash, but a little tougher than through a softbox with an additional cloth diffuser, but nevertheless, the light is quite soft, so umbrellas can compete with the usual softboxes.

Translucent Umbrella 110mm

It has all the same functions as the previous representative, but it has a large coverage area, which will allow you to cover large objects.

Background support kit

2018 is the year when photo shoots in one form or another become increasingly popular. The growth is caused by many factors, such as the popularity of instagram, which requires you to take new photos, other social networks, as well as the availability of photo equipment. Shooting on a monochrome background is no exception. It is fashionable and elegant. Especially on gray, orange, blue, and pink. Thanks to the background setting system, you can organize a photo platform almost anywhere.

Color gels for light

These are so-called color pads that are installed on the flash and allow you to give the pulse any color from the range of 20 colors. Great for informal shooting with different colors. It is also used as a color temperature equalizer when using flash in a room with artificial light.


A tripod or tripod allows you to mount the camera on yourself and fix it in a stationary state. I only use a tripod for shooting where you need to take a lot of shots from a single position, or one staged shot, as well as for subject shooting.